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Sherlock hastily tossed his phone at John. “Call Lestrade,” he ordered brusquely. The ex-army medic struggled not to drop it as Sherlock blitzed past him to the bedroom. “Tell him to meet us at Kings Cross in fifteen minutes.”

By that point, John knew better than to argue. There was crime afoot! He snatched up his coat as he scrolled through the contacts. He found ‘G Lestrade’ — “It says bloody G, and you didn’t know— oh, nevermind.” — and hit the call button. As the phone rang, he forced his arms into his jacket and hurried to the stairs.

Lestrade’s voicemail kicked in just as he stepped into the hall.

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"I assume this Adler woman has some compromising photographs." 

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John slumped against the door as Lestrade shuffled his kids out of the house. In retrospect, bringing them to 221B had been a terrible idea. He and Greg had stupidly assumed Sherlock could behave like a normal person for just a few, short hours.

They were utterly wrong, and Lestrade’s little boy, Charlie, left the flat sobbing into his father’s leg.

“You can’t-”

Sherlock looked up from the laptop.

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A bit of dark!Dimmock for the ever awesome Punifa. Can I just add that it’s surprisingly hard to make Dimmock evil? A lot of confused feelings went into this one.

“Oh, for god’s sake, Sherlock. This is the Met Police.”

The consulting detective slammed his hands down on Lestrade’s desk. “All the more reason to suspect that there is a traitor among you, Inspector!”

Lestrade made a face and folded his arms across his chest. Sherlock bristled at his denial.

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nyxe asked you:  Mycroft/John and the Reichenbach Fall - go! 

This is emotional abuse. T.T This isn’t exactly John/Mycroft, but it… could be construed that way. 

EDIT: I deleted the first paragraph because holy shit I completely forgot that’s how I started it hahahahahahahaah oooops.

Three months he’d been coping. Three months he’d gone from day to day, not letting the pain of loss or the reality of what had happened get to him. He’d put on a brave face — a military face — and dealt with it in the best way he knew. 

By not dealing with it.

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But we have to, John. In the name of SCIENCE.

But we have to, John. In the name of SCIENCE.

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But all the best people are, John.

But all the best people are, John.

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